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The New BC Societies Act: Implications and Opportunities

A Practical Guide for transition to the BC Societies Act UPDATED May 7, 2016 ... Preparing to Transition: A Practical Guide
Everything you need to get your organization started in the Transition process:
• Background to What's Happening
• BC Societies Act: Implications and Opportunities
• an Overview of the 7 Major Areas of Change
• worksheets and reference documents
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Additional Documents from BC Registry Services:

Preparing for B.C.ís New Societies Act: A Guide to the Transition Process from BC Registry Services

Impact-New Societies Act-Table from BC Registry Services

Comparison Table: Current Society Act to New Societies Act

Comparison Table: New Societies Act to Current Society Act

Comments and Testimonials

Presentation hosted by the United Way in Kelowna:
  • good presentation!
  • Informative, Pamela was great!
  • covered all the basics I expected - very friendly and helpful
  • Great opporutnity. 2 year implementation, need to develop timeline and plan
  • the way the speaker presented the info - it was easy to understand.
  • Our organization will now schedule a timeline and dedicate responsibilities to board members and staff to make the transition smooth
  • knowledgeable speaker - very well delivered content
  • Pam was great!
  • Very much appreciate the timine of this seminar and the United Way initiative
  • Good presentation. Thank you for sharing this information.
Presentation presented by BDO Dunwoody in Vernon:
*Unsolicited feedback via email; workshop feedback not yet compiled and received.
  • I "would like to thank you for a very interesting and informative briefing this morning. The content was well explained and you made it as interesting as such a potentially dry subject can be! Seriously, all good stuff and I am sure that everyone benefited."
  • "Fabulous morning and great presentation!!"
  • "That was great! such enthusiasm! I never thought administration could be fun!"

Links to Resources

The new BC Societies Act
Bill 24 - 2015: Societies Act. The 2015 Legislative Session: 4th Session, 40th Parliament THIRD READING
Societies Act at BC Laws - available upon coming into force
Societies Regulations dated November 24, 2015
Societies Transitional Interim Regulation
Societies Act White Paper: Draft Legislation with Notations (August 2014)

BC Registry Services - The New Societies Act information page. Includes links to
  • the new Act and Regulations
  • summary of impact on pre-existing Societies
  • table of comparisons: current to new and new to current
  • benefits of electronic filings, and
  • FAQs

Law for Nonprofits This is the group working on the Province-wide initiative to assist non-profit organizations through the transition.

Looking for Funding?

Here are links to some funding sources lists; these have not been vetted for a transition project, but may be helpful generally. Please contact Pam if you would like assistance to complete any Grant Applications.