Pamela at Kelowna's Boulder Fields

Dragonfly on Fluorite, 2014

"They are beautiful paintings! Even more vibrant in person." Ruby S.

"Your stuff is happiness on canvas." Michelle A.

"Pam, Your paintings are incredible!!!!!!!!!!" Crystal F.

"Fantastic art, beautiful poem. You never cease to amaze me Dear Pam......absolutely incredible!!" Tanya S.

"Damn girl.... Is there anything you can't do!! Love them!" Shari N.

There is an intangible connectedness among all living things. A flow, an energy. Words and music inspire thoughts that plug directly into that intangible connectedness.

Words and Music
Each of Pamela's paintings are tangible representations of intangible connections. The background collages provide the basis of the intangible connection, derived from the pages of decades old literature, poetry or sheet music. Pages from public library and choir books that have been held in the hands of many, inspiring thought and song: intangible connections.

The crystals in each of Pamela's pieces complete the stories, representing the tangible expressions of our connectedness through the millions of years of earth's evolution. Formed from elements affected by ancient volcanic and glacial activity, these beautiful formations carry the light that is within each of us.

Crystals serve as a reminder that each of us is of the light, and have travelled our own unique journeys to become the being that interacts with the world today. We all have the light within us; it is our work to find it and let it shine, because of and despite of our history. Our light shines brightest because of our own personal stories and the learning we have achieved on our journey.

Pamela's paintings are available as originals, greeting cards, phone cases, photo prints and other select products upon request.